Feb 15, 2021 | Blogs and whitepapers

Why should you outsource something you can do yourself? Everyone knows that some things work better when you manage them yourself. Many companies are therefore still sceptical about Managed Services, despite its many advantages. By outsourcing IT management, companies can focus on their core business again. Managed Services provides time efficiency, cost reduction and above all an operational IT infrastructure with minimal downtime. WESTPOLE ensures that companies no longer have to worry about managing their IT infrastructure and applications and supports them in their digital transformation through a custom-designed comprehensive approach.

Nowadays, companies completely depend on their IT systems and software applications. However, IT problems regularly emerge, temporarily preventing companies from conducting their core business and often leaving the IT department short-handed. When the IT installation or the programs and software used encounter unexpected problems, someone has to solve this and preferably as quickly as possible. Usually, the in-house IT service is responsible for this. However, small companies often do not have the required resources for this, and large companies usually do not have the right expertise, or their service is not fast enough. Furthermore, they also use equipment and programs from different vendors, which only makes it more difficult to find the right solution.

Centralized management of a hybrid environment

Managed Services to the rescue. Managed Services does not only include the IT infrastructure, such as servers and other devices, but also the management of cloud applications. As a Managed Services provider, WESTPOLE acts as the central contact point in a hybrid environment, where applications run both on premise and in the cloud. Outsourcing IT tasks does not necessarily mean high or additional costs. On the contrary, for many companies this could even result in substantial savings. Higher IT availability, better data protection and a constant optimization of IT services contribute to a carefree and ideal environment in which a company can fully focus on its own business.

Managed Services brings together different aspects that should, above all, increase the efficiency of management. This can quickly become cumbersome when companies take care of this themselves, as it is not part of their core business. The whole of Managed Services can be divided into three aspects: monitoring the infrastructure and software, keeping apps optimally up and running and ensuring timely backups and disaster recovery. The protection, updating, repair, maintenance and monitoring of all devices and software programs are united in a central service that can even be performed remotely. WESTPOLE also has the necessary expertise on all possible relevant programs and applications from different vendors. The IT service of a small company especially lacks this expertise.

Tailored advice and support

Outsourcing IT management has many advantages. For instance, a lot of companies have a digital storage box, while not all IT services have the proper knowledge about this. On top of that, the entire IT environment of a company is very fragmented nowadays. Everything is centralized to one central service with Managed Services. WESTPOLE provides Managed Services and makes an entire team available that has the right knowledge and reinforces each other where necessary. Moreover, as an external partner WESTPOLE has an overview of possible improvements and can guarantee appropriate, tailored advice.

Moreover, throughout the entire week, the central service is available 24 hours a day to help customers with problems. Without having to wait for a general complaints service to answer, WESTPOLE provides immediate assistance by instantly notifying an expert on the subject. WESTPOLE is thus committed to reliable efficiency, accurate solutions, customer focus, fast problem solving and a flexible service.