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In our 30+ years of pioneering as an IT Operations & Infrastructure Optimizer, we’ve seen a lot. A lot. But instead of writing a book about it, we thought it more manageable to package those experiences into digital case files – offered to you as free downloads.

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Hosting Solution for an AS400 Infrastructure.

Maintaining an AS400 Infrastructure requires a very specific set of IT competences that aren’t easy to find. CapitalAtWork experienced this firsthand, as they noticed that keeping the maintenance in-house was a costly & difficult situation. Luckily, we were able to offer a well-needed helping hand.
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Center IT For Région Bruxelloise (CIRB)

Monitoring, Database Management,
Staffing & Sourcing via Hybrid Technologies & high-level consultancy.

What started off as a mere supplier-customer interaction concerning governmentally contracted equipment, gradually evolved into a solid partnership based on mutual reliability and growth. WESTPOLE proudly provides CIRB.Brussels with infrastructure, consultants & many associated services.

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Gatsby & White

Complete externalisation
via the WESTPOLE Cloud.

The proposal we presented to Gatsby & White in response to their invitation to tender (which we won), revolved around agility & cost efficiency. We were tasked with moving all of the company’s information resources to our WESTPOLE Cloud. And so we did just that.

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