Staffing, placement & consultancy have been our cup of ITea since 1985.

Similar to the way we approach other service inquiries, our first concern is to listen. Carefully. In this case to the strengths, needs and demands of all parties involved. That’s the key to achieving success in IT matchmaking.

WESTPOLE tirelessly invests in the proficiency of its consultants and professionals. As a result, we stand firmly behind them and have full confidence in their capabilities.

Not only does our track record in the field of staffing & sourcing speak for itself…for us it’s also a matter of company pride: when our people succeed, it means a win for both our clients and our company.


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Different types of companies – same service.

From large European institutes to enterprises to smaller entities: WESTPOLE has always been a reliable provider of qualified IT professionals to a wide variety of companies engaged in both private and public sectors.

Depending on your corporate profile and the job positions that need to be filled, you will be assigned one or more expert recruiters dedicated to your case. There are a lot of (sub-) specialties in our industry, which means that having different talent managers for different niches is of the utmost importance.

Our aim is to find the perfect match, nothing less.

Different types of profiles – same proficiency.

Digital technologies never cease to evolve and so does our industry, with new systems arising all too frequently. In order for WESTPOLE to find those perfect pieces to your puzzle, our talent managers have to be knowledgeable about the specific niches they’re scouting. The spectrum has become so vast that giving an exhaustive list is impossible, so let’s have a look at some of the cases we’re recruiting for at the time of writing this paragraph. They range from JAVA Developers, UNIX Engineers, Microsoft Security Specialists to overall Project Managers, Application Software Engineers and Data Protection Managers.

Our recruiters are not the only ones we like to keep on top of their game. WESTPOLE offers a lot of support to its professionals as well, including trainings & courses on their subjects of interest.

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